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At LoveWorks we provide Relationship, Dating, and Life Coaching services - what we have affectionately dubbed Love Coaching. Love Coaching helps you clarify your goals, determine what action steps you need to take to meet them, helps you overcome barriers and roadblocks along the way, and cheers you on as you move forward towards success. The clearer your goals - in relationships, dating, career, spirituality, etc. - the better chance you have of making them a reality.


We believe that the two primary components to living a fulfilling, joyful, abundant life are self-awareness and love: for self, others, and community. We help you take a look at where your life or relationship is now, determine where you really want your life or relationship to be, and help you develop a plan of action to achieve that vision. 




Whether you are looking to resurrect a struggling relationship, or to get help living your dream in the areas of love, sexuality, and intimacy, we can help you achieve your goals. As a Love Coach, we will work with you to design practices to create a deeper sense of self and partnership.  You will learn how to grow by cultivating a culture of acceptance, honesty, and openness.  You will learn how to create an environment to bring out the best in yourself and your relationship.



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Juan and Gee are a successful Atlanta-based couple, certified Relationship, Professional, Bereavement, and Life coaches, philanthropists, authors and media personalities. In addition to television appearances, their expertise and unique perspective have been solicited by a diverse group of clients including major corporations, public institutions, government agencies and philanthropic organizations.


This dynamic couple is known for their practical, street-savvy, relatable strategy to coaching that brings out the best in people. The award-winning duo possess a unique ability to quickly identify the essence of clients' challenges. Their style is honest and candid while bearing the compassion and sensitivity that are fundamental to their profession.


Juan and Gee are often found advising couples to "love, laugh and tell the truth." This simple but powerful statement is their reason for over seven years of marriage. The duo believes that the success of any relationship is contingent on the daily agreement that both parties dig (become self-aware), disclose (communicate feelings, desires, needs, etc.), and deliver (make Love Work)--TOGETHER. The agreement is not fixed and is subject to change as often as necessary.    


Since 2008, Juan & Gee have dedicated their careers to helping the underserved LGBT community by blogging, speaking, coaching, interviewing and working in-the-trenches to empower others to have healthy relationships and experience their best lives. Juan and Gee's passion for improving the lives of the forgotten and disenfranchised within their community led to the creation of Love Works, where they strive to help couples of all persuasions find the love that works for them.


In 2014, the duo started The Gentlemen’s Foundation, committing to broader social change and encouraging individual and collective empowerment as well public service, leadership, philanthropy, and networking. Wanting to promote the holistic development of gay, bisexual and transgender men of color, Juan and Gee have started a healthy community dialogue on issues that contribute to individual wellness and growth and help celebrate positive, diverse images of men in their community.


Because of their rich experiential background and habit of consistently "walking the talk", Juan and Gee have become leading experts and trusted advisers to friends and clients alike. They offer a real-life perspective on how women and men think and feel so they can communicate more effectively. They blend their unique stories and approaches to meet the needs of diverse communities to see more love working in the world.



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