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Don't  think Love Coaching is for you?  Try it and find out.  The benefits are endless.  You can benefit from Love Coaching if any of these statements apply to you or your relationship:


-You and your partner want some real practical solutions for staying happily together.

-You and your partner would like to learn more effective ways of communicating with each other.

-You need a safe and supportive environment to express feelings, emotions, and/or concerns to your partner.

-You and your partner want to balance your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives.

-You have difficulty being vulnerable with one another.

-You are in a new relationship and want to create a solid foundation.

-You feel stuck in your relationship and want to know if you should break up or stay together.

-You want to explore the intricacies of polyamory and/or open relationships in a safe and affirming space.


-You are tired of trolling social media sites like Jack'd, Grinder, and Tinder looking for the partner of your dreams.

-You want to ensure that you're ready for commitment or marriage when you meet the right man.

-You need help achieving  some of your goals, dreams, and aspirations. 

-You want to figure out why your relationships never seem to work!

-You want to build more trusting friendships.

-You want to learn how to love yourself and become more confident.

-You desire to work on issues around coming out successfully.

-You want to live more authentically as a gay man and integrate your gay identity with other parts of your life.

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